Extended Sales Team

We are a boutique sales consultancy inclusive of a team of specialists who will collaborate with you as an extension of your sales team, supporting you in strengthening your revenue pipeline.

Your Partner in boosting your sales and revenue.

In the current fast-paced market, competition is growing rapidly and reaching the right prospects and filtering target lists within a limited timeframe is an undeniable challenge faced by every sales team. In such cases, Our “Extended Sales team” solution can serve as an extension of support for your sales function or enable you to fully outsource your sales efforts. Our team of experts follow a customized approach to meet your organization's unique sales needs. This could involve exploring new geographic markets, facilitating connections with target prospect organizations, or generating high-quality leads that are likely to result in sales.

We support organizations by delivering MQLs, SQLs, BANT opportunities, and other sales-boosting solutions. Our offerings are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.


Our Offerings

Our Extended Sales team framework at Worldbiz Tech helps your business to venture in new markets and connects you to prospective organizations and top notch leads leading to more sales and better revenue.

BANT Engagements

Get engagements with the most qualified and promising potential customers.

Generate MQLs

Identification and generations of Market Qualified leads for your business.

Generate SQLs

Identification and generations of Sales Qualified leads for your business.

Outsource Sales Efforts

Our team of experts will assist you end to end sales activities.

C-Level Meetings set up

Build connections and meeting setups with the right people and prospective clients.

Field Sales

On ground visits and meeting with potential customers in person leading to better sales conversions.


Sales funnel

At WorldBiz Tech, we follow a step-by-step approach to guide potential customers through a series of stages to convert them into paying customers. implementing a sales funnel strategy. Here is the framework we follow.

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